Jorge Flores Stops By Before Heading To Panama – FT4F016

Jorge and his family are heading to Panama on mission, fairly soon. Join us as we talk about how we got to know each other earlier this decade, where he comes from, where he is headed, and why. Be inspired!

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From the Persecuted Church to the Gospel to the End of the World – FT4F015

Daniel Kort shares with us his unique family history with the persecuted Church and how the Lord has created opportunities with that to help get the Gospel to the end of the World.  Prepare to have your perspective enlarged as this missionary shares his story with you.

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From Christian Metal Band to Family Life, and a Calling to the Nations – FT4F014

Join us as we hear from James Sharp and his story from the on ramp to Asia. We are all somewhere in our process. James’ story will encourage you.

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Angie, Sara and Amanda, from Leadership Intensive in Nicaragua – FT4F013

Are you ready for a younger perspective on leadership? How about what the ladies think? You are in the right place. Rare treat here, we were joined by these young ladies for their input on the spectrum of leadership. Be ready to take notes – if you’re not driving – and expand your mind. And pray for every generation to be ready to include the others as we continue forward in Christ’s Kingdom!


Initiative – FT4F012

Gret Glyer, CEO of DonorSee, joins us to discuss how he got started in the non-profit arena, some of the things they have done, and the big development going on right now! We preempted our normal schedule to get this very recent interview in the schedule in time for you to act on the current opportunity! Check out this totally new development in giving, and the feedback loop that it has created…

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On Location from Nicaragua, Leck Heflin – FT4F011

Leck Heflin, founder of Pontis Nicaragua,, a friend of some years, sits down to tell us what Pontis is up to. They have an unconventional mission, in developing sustainable agriculture. Check out this podcast to hear about Leck’s history, complete with a strong Texas accent! You will be encouraged, and learn something about getting something done in the Kingdom!

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Sharon Benitez Returns From Uganda – FT4F010

Cross cultural and intercultural work is difficult, but not impossible. Sharon, a young woman from Latin America, is learning that. Check out the things that were revealed to her as she collaborated with fellow believers in Uganda on her recent trip there. You’ll applaud her bravery.

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A Viking Returns to Northern Europe – FT4F008

Terry Hoggard has spent more than 32 years in ministry, most of it in Europe. From his calling in 1986, hear how he got started and what he’s up to these days. Thankful for his faithfulness and persistent where some say “missions go to die.” You’ll be encouraged.

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Missions Story from Texas folk in Durban, South Africa – FT4F007

Rodney and Trina Kirkpatrick, friends of ours who are in missions in South Africa for a decade now, tell us about how they got going with the Lord and in “mission dreams”, going from short-termers to long-term on the ground in Zulu land. You’ll be encouraged.