We often hear about sending missionaries to foreign countries. And we hear about evangelism efforts in the cities. But what about remote villages in Alaska.

Listen as DJ and Robin Angaiak share how God began to prepare them, called them and provided for them and their entire family to take a months-long trip down the Yukon river in Alaska.

It's an incredible story of God's faithfulness and growth.

As you listen, you’ll learn:

  • Why DJ wasn't sure he wanted to share with Robin what God showed him while flying back from a conference.
  • Why their previous boating experience was no preparation for what was to come.
  • The challenges they faced as they prepared to embark on their first trip down the Yukon.
  • Where they slept while on their trip.
  • The places they could often find people congregating in the villages.
  • How a prayer and a moose reminded them of Scripture.
  • How things turned out differently than expected.


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