Have you ever found yourself in the face of fear or loss wondering if God is REALLY going to see you through it?

It's at one of those times that Will and Etta Shehee learned a key truth about God's faithfulness – that it's EXACTLY when we want to question God that we most need to remind ourselves of God's faithfulness. That's when they learned that they could rest in God's goodness to see them through, no matter what the outcome.

As you listen, you'll discover

  • How being in Uganda for a few months still didn't prepare them for the shock of really moving their lives there.
  • How simple cultural expectations caused MASSIVE confusion.
  • How God prepared them for a very trying season using a pregnancy.
  • How God turned a driver afraid for his life back around to help Will and Etta, and how his actions may have saved their lives.
  • How God had just the right people in the right places at the right time.

You're sure to be encouraged in our faith and challenged in your walk. I know I was.

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