It’s both daunting and exciting to say yes to things that only have a measure of promise but nothing is guaranteed. Nevertheless, when God calls you to do something, and you step out in faith, He is so honored by that. 

In this episode, I talk with Hunter McNeel about stepping out, even as a “nobody”. We discuss what I like to call  “adventure missions”, and the passion Hunter has for transportation technology. If you’ve never heard of Orb Aerospace, he gives some fascinating information about this incredible flight technology company and its massive application potential in missions. It’s exciting to hear that not only does the technology already exist, it’s being used to advance the gospel and the Kingdom of God like never before.

Note: Hunter is not directly involved with Orb Aerospace but God has used him to make connections that are amazing.

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“You can't see everything in front of you. And it's almost like the less you can see, the more God enjoys it… He knows you can't see… He knows where you are at emotionally, physically… And you still take a step?… He is so loved by that.”

Hunter McNeel

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