The Church, as a whole, has seen many changes in how ministry is done. Technology, including lights, music, video and live streaming, the visual design of buildings, the experience people have… all of these things have become concerted efforts of excellence. But have you ever pondered whether those things have become so much of the focus that they’re actually now distractions? Could they be subtly drawing us away from the true mission of the Gospel? Away from nurturing authentic relationships with God and others?

To examine this topic, I chat with Scott Schalchlin, from Observations For Life. Together we discuss the tension that exists between excellence for the sake of the Gospel and excellence for performance sake. We explore the indicators of churches becoming more like marketing presentations and shows, rather than being focused on helping hurting people. Throughout the episode, we come back to why Christ established His Church and what our priorities ought to be. 

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“To me, the Church is like a hospital… People go there who are seeking a place to heal… to belong… It’s when you’re touching people’s hearts, it’s when you’re really reaching in and meeting them where they are… that needs to be the focus.”

Scott Schalchlin

What You'll Learn

  • The powerful quote that sparked the question
  • Marketing of the Church
  • High gloss, thin veneer
  • Letdown of highs
  • Money and ministry

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About Scott Schalchlin

The journey in this life is filled with wonder, humor, sadness, and everything in between. Scott talks about life – especially spiritual aspects of it, promoting kindness, self-reflection, and love.

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