From birth and throughout our lives, we model those around us. And, ultimately, we become like the one we’re closest to. This is the simplest definition of imprinting. When we’re young, we really don’t get to pick who we’re around. But as we age, we can choose who to imprint on and who to emulate. And we can choose to imprint on God. 

To talk more in depth about this, I invited Yvonne Rempel, the Chief Visionary Officer of Damascus Experience and author of the book, The God Imprint. Yvonne’s ministry and her book were inspired by God when she had a dream in which she was lost and a man kept yelling at her, “The God imprint!” Now Yvonne's mission is to teach others how they, too, can imprint on Him and step into who He intended them to be. Together, we can go into the arenas we are given a passion for, bring His presence, and change the culture.

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I have watched numerous people go into the world and really be broken by it… People were coming back from the world, going back to the church, feeling broken, going, ‘This isn’t my calling. I guess this isn’t what I was meant to do.’ And I realized it's not that you weren't meant to do it. It's that you're trying to do it alone.

Yvonne Rempel

What You'll Learn

  • The God Imprint
  • Changing the culture with the presence of God
  • God interruptions: On the Road to Damascus podcast
  • Sitting with Jesus
  • “Mumming” the emerging generation of leaders
  • Tackling topics the Church often doesn’t: Generation Next podcast

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About Yvonne Rempel

Yvonne is the Chief Visionary Officer of Damascus Experience. She had her first spiritual encounter with the father's heart at the age of 5 and heard Him call her name 20 years later. Not only does she desire for the world to know God in such intimacy, but she wants people to walk with authority into the area of influence they have been called. Yvonne's desire is to equip not only the next generation stepping into the greatest movement the world has ever seen, but to have the tangible leadership skills to stay in that position of leadership and influence.

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