In part one of this discussion with Jason Harris, Jason shared how his life was broken and completely out of control from multiple forms of abuse. Meds, counseling and drugs did not fix the childhood trauma he’d experienced. Turning to serious drug use, Jason’s hopelessness led him to believe death was his only way out. But God had a redemption plan and set him on a path from former addict to missionary.

In this Part 2 episode, Jason and I talk about his involvement in missions, starting with a one-way ticket to Haiti. Jason shares how being in Haiti changed him every time and how he learned that missions are collaborative. Over time, the Lord brought him to where he can be a networker, a bridge for people who want to get out of addiction into recovery. And now, his desire to be able to walk alongside people and influence them beyond a recovery program has become reality.

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“Where the addiction started from the outside in, per se (not ultimately, but the influence), now when you talk about recovery, you’re going from the inside out… You have to [re]develop the character… to be able to handle the responsibility you have now.”

Jason Harris

What You'll Learn

  • How missions change you
  • A heart for being a connector
  • Working in recovery
  • What methadone counseling programs do
  • Moving into the mission God placed on his heart years ago

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