Healing often comes through brokenness and yields impact where perfection never could. When God heals and comforts you in your places of vulnerability, it can speak volumes to hearts. From there, God can use your wounds to help bring others to Him that they may also be comforted and healed. And there is, perhaps, no method that accomplishes this as well as music. Music touches a depth that words alone cannot.

In this episode, I talk with Brian Morykon about brokenness and how music touches that place buried inside the souls of people. Around this topic, Brian and I discuss his newest album, Known and especially his song, Wounded Boy. We also talk about learning from our children, healing from perfection and self-righteousness, and the comfort of being fully known. As an added bonus, Brian was kind enough to allow me to include the song Wounded Boy in this show

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“When you can put the message that you’re carrying, the words, in this container that is not perfect… that has a broken, polished beauty… then whatever the art is saying is going to say it so much more clearly. And the person receiving it, their heart is going to be so much more open too, when it comes in that container of broken, beautiful excellence.”

Brian Morykon

What You’ll Learn

  • Depth of soul
  • The beauty of brokenness
  • Hear the song Wounded Boy
  • Healing from perfection
  • Learning from our children
  • The comfort of being fully known

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