Broken by childhood trauma and multiple forms of abuse, Jason Harris’ life was completely out of control from a very young age. Meds and counseling didn’t help, and even being admitted to a psychiatric ward at the age of 11 changed nothing. He struggled along, turning to serious drug use, quitting high school, and attempting to end his life numerous times. Jason had no hope and believed death was his only way out. But God had a plan of redemption for him and set him on a path to recovery.

In this episode, I talk with Jason about his experiences and his journey from recovery to missions. He emphasizes how, even when he wasn’t seeking it, the redeeming power of Jesus Christ brought him from the brink of death into new life. He shares how even small requests to the Lord were answered quickly by Him, causing his thoughts about God to grow from doubt into curiosity and eventually to belief. Now Jason is involved in missions.

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“It was tough because, in the beginning, I wasn’t really motivated to come to know the Lord… it was like, ‘Oh, I’ll give this a try. I’ve given everything else a try’… [But] there were little things that were happening when I was in the program that just really wowed me… I was like, ‘Woah… If there is a God, I just asked him for that, and He replied pretty quickly’.”

Jason Harris

You'll hear about

  • Painful young years
  • Redemption begins
  • God shots and a growing hunger
  • A powerful time at Teen Challenge
  • Called to Haiti

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