In a land that is culturally Buddhist, where to be Thai is to be Buddhist, the Gospel is setting people free and bringing them to the truth of salvation in Jesus Christ alone. Revivialist and pastor Larry Taylor is working in Thailand and seeing a movement that many believe is the fulfillment of Bob Jones’ Apple Tree vision and prophecy. The hunger for God in Thailand is increasing daily, and God is raising up believers and pastors to answer the call to reach the people. 

In this episode, I talk with Larry Taylor about his start in ministry, what eventually led him to Thailand, the Bob Jones’ Apple Tree prophecy, the movement of God in Thailand, and more. It is so encouraging to hear what God is doing during this time of worldwide upheaval and uncertainty. God is filling His temple!

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In a land that is filled with temples, literally filled with temples, isn’t it ironic, and just like God to raise up a movement that’s about Him filling His temple with His glory, which is us! We are the temple.

Larry Taylor

What you'll learn:

  • Meet Larry Taylor 
    • How he started in ministry 
    • A Mexico ministry experience story
  • Connecting with the Islands and the East for ministry 
    • Through Australia first
    • Ministering in Nauru
    • Bringing the Gospel to Thailand
  • The hunger for God in Thailand 
    • Thailand in revival
    • Opening Thailand through the pandemic
    • The keys of worship and prophetic ministry
  • Bob Jones’ Apple Tree Prophecy
    • The vision
    • The fulfillment
    • Building the Kingdom family
    • The culture of Buddhism in Thailand

About Larry Taylor

Together, Larry and Carol Taylor have ministered both through pastoring and as itinerant revivalists for over 50 years. With a passion born in the Jesus Movement of the 70's, and revival encounters that continue in the current awakening, they are carriers of breakthrough and fire. They carry a mantle of experience, anointing and wisdom that impacts leaders, churches, regions and nations. Their goal is to see the knowledge of the glory of God fill the earth. 

In addition to ministering on five continents, Larry has authored two books for the specific purpose of leading people into a personal transformational encounter with God's glory. 

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