In the war torn regions of South Sudan, Ethiopia, Greece and Romania, Brad and Kim Campbell of Gather1 are finding lost sons and daughters. The Holy Spirit commissioned them to reach orphans and street children in some of the most extreme areas of conflict. Through the years, those areas have become home and this resonates with the people there, opening doors that might otherwise remain closed.

In this episode, Brad and Kim relate some of the genuine miracles they’ve experienced from the hand of God. He provided food when no one had any. He caused the U.N. to work with them and request prayer. And when they needed to escape as war raged around their home, He even made them invisible! 

As you listen, it is Brad and Kim’s prayer that you not only be inspired but compelled to answer your own Holy Spirit commission. They ask… “Is Jesus Worth it?”

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Be people of simple obedience. It’s not complicated, you just love the person in front of you.

Kim Campbell

What You’ll Learn

  • Brad and Kim Campbell and Gather1
    • Going into war torn places and areas of extreme conflict
    • Offering practical solutions and encouraging locals to be involved
    • Compelled by the Holy Spirit
  • Scouting the realities of life in South Sudan 
    • A bull sacrifice at the airport
    • No way to describe it
  • Before the South Sudan Tribal War of 2013
    • Half the population was under 14 back then
    • Refugees, orphans and street children
    • Battles and deliverance from malaria
    • Gathering the tribes: Church in the front yard
    • Working with the brand new government
  • Civil (Tribal) War of 2013-2014 in South Sudan
    • When God made them invisible
    • A town disappears overnight
    • Fed from the very hand of God
    • U.N. asks for help and prayers
  • Moving themselves and the orphan children to Ethiopia
    • God made a way
    • Rebuilding the ministry
  • Current ministry locations and status
    • Currently care and provide for 40 children
    • In Ethiopia, South Sudan, Greece, Romania
    • Come get your story!

About Brad and Kim Campbell

Brad and Kim describe the vision of Gather1…

Our mission is to seek lost sons and daughters and bring them into the nurturing, protective, transforming love of God’s family. Everyone needs a place to call home, a community that encourages growth, God-given identity, and the encouragement to fulfill their dreams. It is our honor to be called “Dad and Mom” and “Brother and Sister” amongst the hidden treasures of this world – the children of the nations.


Order the Book: Anna’s Chair

The Campbell family (Gather1's Directors) and their experience in Malakal, South Sudan, was the inspiration for this fictional book written by Cindy Hamilton, one of Gather1's Prayer Coordinators. The story of the missionary family in Anna’s Chair loosely follows the Campbell’s story of escape from civil war in South Sudan to establishing a Children’s Center for South Sudanese orphans in Gambella, Ethiopia.

​All sale proceeds from Anna’s Chair go to Gather1.

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