Zack and Sarah Loving of Loving Life Missions have been following the leading of the Lord to serve for over 14 years. As a young family, they committed to using Zack’s aviation skills for the Kingdom of God. As they have continued to serve through flying, they’ve put aside comfort and gone deeper and deeper with obedience.

As they’ve gone deeper in obedience, they have experienced greater levels of freedom in Christ. This experience fuels their heart and mission to have others experience the same. To see that desire realized, the Lord has given them a vision for a physical place for the people of Alaska to be trained and grow in their faith.

“The steps leading up to that was God working some things out of us… and God working some things into us… complete surrender again.”

Sarah Loving

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What You’ll Learn

  • Zack and Sarah’s vision of missions and complete surrender
    • Not storing treasures on earth
    • Robbed following a hurricane
  • Going back to school
    • God worked things both out of them and into them
    • Surrendered again
  • A deeper level of obedience  
    • There is never a place of arrival
    • You must have a personal why
    • Zack and Sarah’s personal why
  • Bringing freedom and sharing freedom 
    • Splitting their time between Thailand and Alaska
    • The future in Alaska
  • The spiritual insolation in Alaska
    • Spiritual training and experiencing greater levels of freedom
    • Of those who are given much, much is required
  • Confirmation of more in the future 
    • A vision for Alaska
    • God physically moving people into position and equipping them
  • It’s all about the people 
    • Allow the Lord to meet the needs
    • Collaborate with people: Be the Body of Christ 
    • Welcome the strengths of others

About Loving Life Missions & Zack and Sarah Loving

Loving Life Missions is the ministry of Zack and Sarah Loving. They are a Missionary Aviation Family, working in Thailand and Burma with Free Burma Rangers. They split their time between Thailand and Alaska, with the Lord calling them to do more in Alaska in the coming months.

Dave Eubank, founder of Free Burma Rangers, describes the missions of Free Burma Rangers Aviation: 

“The purpose of Free Burma Rangers Aviation is to share the love of Jesus in any way we can through the use of aircraft. FBR Aviation provides medical and evangelistic relief and inspiration to people in need. FBR Aviation is also for the joy of flying and the inspiration it gives people to know that God's gift of aviation is for the good of everyone, including the oppressed.” 

Learn more about Free Burma Rangers at

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