Transitioning from depression and anger to new purpose and joy takes establishing one’s identity in Christ. It’s a tough journey many take. The pressures of life can be overwhelming, even for believers.

At the heart of this journey is each individual’s identity, calling and assignment – and these three are not the same. It can be easy to mix them up, as emotionally they overlap time and again. It is in sorting them out one finds truth.

If you lose your identity, you may miss your calling and fail your assignment.”

Susan Cooper Creel

Having personally struggled for four years with depression and anger, Susan Cooper Creel needed to reestablish her identity in Christ. Her road through darkness began when she found herself “fired by God” and then quickly realized how wrapped up her identity was in what she did, among other things.

In retrospect, she admits He had asked her to make changes sooner, but she was reluctant. However, dragging out the transition didn’t make it any easier.

She spent years in the dark night of the soul, wrestling with how to find the light again. When she finally arrived, it compelled her to write an 18-page letter to her daughter about her experience. At the time, Susan had simply hoped to keep her daughter from the same pitfalls. She never imagined God would use that vulnerable letter of love and guidance as the nucleus of a book. But He did. 

Susan Cooper Creel’s My Journey to Finding My Identity, Calling & Assignment: And the difference in the three! was published July 20, 2021 and is available on Amazon. In today’s episode, I chat with Susan about her journey and her book, and how God has used them both for His purposes.

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About Susan Cooper Creel

Susan Cooper Creel is a wife to a serial entrepreneur and mom to a feisty red-head. She loves to travel the world to support mission organizations, women in business and children. She is a resourceful cheerleader, teacher, and self-proclaimed Bible nerd. Her life’s goal is to ‘affect the lives of people all over the world to change THEIR OWN personal worlds’ through practical support and the study of God’s Word.

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