God is Bigger Than Any Catastrophe – FT4F0057

Where were you on 9/11?

Guy and Vicky Yasika share about their 9/11 experience, which started with Guy at work in the World Trade Center. Over the course of the next few hours, they saw incredible demonstrations of God's faithfulness and goodness.

But the experience didn't stop for them there. Listen to hear how God has seen them through extended periods of financial distress, near foreclosure, Survivor's Guilt, and more. And, in the end, they and their marriage are stronger.

Find hope as you hear their story and discover how God is using what He's done in and trough them to help others.

A Canceled Meeting Saved Guy's Life

Other than the fact that Guy was in early for a meeting, September 11, 2001 was just like any other day. He arrived to the 78th floor and was set up for a conference call, only to learn that it had been canceled.

With nothing to do until the start of the normal workday, Guy made his way down to the 43rd floor with some coworkers to grab some breakfast. It was then that the building shook as the plane hit the tower.

After a few moments, they made their way to the emergency exit, to be greeted by a flood of people making their way down the stairs towards the ground level.

Power in Community

Meanwhile, Vicky had no idea what was going on. Having stayed up late, she slept in and was woken up by a phone call from her father-in-law, asking if she knew where Guy was.

Soon, friends and neighbors had come over, and the mood was very solemn. With little information, they were glued to the TV, watching the events and praying.

While it was soon clear that this was no accident, it was some time before they knew whether Guy was safe.

A Church, a Cab, and a Train

Along with hundreds of other people, Guy made his way down the stairs, often encouraging those around him, with water pouring down the hot stairwell until they reached the lobby of the building. Once outside, Guy found his way to Trinity Church, where he got on his knees to pray and thank God that he'd made it this far.

Once he rose from his knees, he saw something unusual — a cab in New York City with its doors open, with the driver inviting him and his friends to come in. After a short discussion, they determined that the driver could take them to the train station, escaping the collapse of the first tower by just a few minutes.

After Guy got out of the cab, he was able to borrow a phone to call Vicky and let her know he as okay. At the train station, Guy discovered that the last train out was headed exactly where he needed to go and was able to board.

God's Faithfulness

God saw Guy and Vicky through the attack on the World Trade Center, but the ordeal didn't end there. Because of the uncertainty, there were months with no income, the risk of foreclosure, the emotional toll of Survivor's Guilt, and many other challenges in the years that followed.

Still, while many of the survivors of the attack lost their marriages and families, Guy and Vicky came out of this stronger. More aware of God's goodness and faithfulness.

Not because of their perfection, but because of God's mighty power to save.

They are truly aware that “…works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Not just because they've read it. But because they've seen it.

Wounded But Not Broken: 9/11 a Decade – Imagine being in the World Trade Center on September 11th. Go down the stairwell with the author's husband as he recounts the events in graphic detail. .Read how God is bigger than any catastrophe or event and how you can suffer and still come through it with joy.

Prefer a copy of Wounded But Not Broken signed by the author at no extra charge? Email Vicky Yasika at yasika@comcast.net.

About Guy and Vicky Yasika

Guy and Vicky Yasika are survivors of the World Trade Center attack of 9/11 who have seen God's redemptive power. Guy was in the building during the attack and his life was spared through a series of incredible events.

Vicky Yasika is the author or Wounded But Not Broken. She was at home during the attack and lived through the uncertainty of Guy's return while God was working all things together.

Together, they have witnessed first-hand God's goodness in the midst of trial and have come out of it stronger on the other side.

About From the Forefront

From the Forefront, interviews with those of the front of Christian missions and ministry. Learn about leadership, life lessons, and more with the monthly, long form podcast brought to you by the creators of the Leadership Moment Podcast, FXMissions.

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About From the Forefront

From the Forefront, interviews with those of the front of Christian missions and ministry. Learn about leadership, life lessons, and more with the monthly, long form podcast brought to you by the creators of the Leadership Moment Podcast, FXMissions.

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About From the Forefront

From the Forefront, interviews with those of the front of Christian missions and ministry. Learn about leadership, life lessons, and more with the monthly, long form podcast brought to you by the creators of the Leadership Moment Podcast, FXMissions.

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