Short Term Missions in War Torn Syria – FT4F0047

Kyle Rice, our guest this month, normally leads a somewhat normal life in Anchorage, Alaska area. Family man, working in corrections, and a guy who loves the outdoors ( as many Alaskans do) would describe him pretty well.

Why go to Syria on a short term mission, in the middle of all the unrest and destruction? Over these two sessions, Kyle explains why the normal guy accepted this challenge, and you might just be challenged, too! Check it out here on FXMissions FromtheForeFront.


Half Timing for Jesus – FT4F0046

Join us today as we talk missions with Zack Loving, joined by our friend in common, Billy Bohannon.

Originally from remote Southeast Texas, Zack and his family are half timers. Maybe that word doesn’t mean what you think it means? Half the year Zack and family are in Thailand and half in Alaska! Can you say “I’d rather you be hot or cold?”

Not sure that Zack, a pilot, thought about that when agreeing to dedicate his life in Aviation missions. Find out about his work with Free Burma Rangers and more about him, too, on this edition of From The Forefront, an FXMissions Podcast.

Kerry Olson – To The Nations – FT4F0045

Kerry has been involved in missions for more than 2/3s of his life. Though originally from the US, currently living and traveling from Mexico City to all the world. A trainer, discipler, and seriously excellent photographer, Kerry joins us to talk about his start in missions 30+ years ago, and more.

You’ll be encouraged by his story and example.

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In Good Faith – Questioning Reason and Atheism – FT4F0044

Join Scott McClelland of FXMissions and Scott Shay as we dig into his recent publication, In Good Faith. Scott demonstrates courage as he digs into overarching themes of culture and belief, and how they intersect.

When is the last time you heard the word “idolatry” in the public forum? Scott courageously brings this subject to the forefront. Learn more about Scott Shay by watching his Google Talk (I tell you the man is brave!) or at his website from the links below.

You can buy your copy of In Good Faith from the site!

Full Circle for the Gospel – FT4F0043

Join Timmy Ost and Scott McClelland as shares about what he is doing in Austin, TX, which seems to somehow be a “full circle” considering his family’s historic leadership and pioneering efforts for the Gospel in Mexico. 

In the 1950s their pioneering efforts began with his grandfather, Daniel Ost. You’ll be challenged and inspired.

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A Fork In The Road Book Review with Vidar Ligard – FT4F0042

How do we go from the margins of life to the flow? Poverty is a challenge, an Immobilizer, and often a barrier to God’s call on our lives and promises He has made to us. 

Vidar shares with us some nuggets of wisdom from his recently published book to help us navigate toward progress on this path, including how personal growth is key to ministry growth.

Find the book and much more, and make contact with Vidar at

Millennials in Mexico for Jesus – FT4F0041

Tim and Cristi Vanderwerf are “Millennials on assignment” in Central Mexico.

San Miguel de Allende is a city you want to know, and you can start here with us as we talk into their mission in the city. A fascinating young power couple of promise, they are making their way on the mission of Jesus. Hear their story.

Be inspired. Pack your bags. In that order. #offtosanmigueldeallende

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Strong Female Lead – FT4F0040

Did you ever see this description in movie descriptions? It could be rightly said of our guest this month, Shayna Rattler. She joined us recently for a Leadership Moment podcast and was gracious enough to join here too.

Are you a burned-out leader?

Are you at a crossroads in your leadership?

Shayna can help.

Listen now to find out how, and how she got to this point in her life! You’ll be blessed by her courage and faith.

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Tribal Work in Central Mexico – FT4F0039

Luis and Karla Hurtado sit down with us from location in Central Mexico to talk about the work among a native tribe in the Mexican State of San Luis Potosí, which is located in the center in Mexico. Luis, a Doctor by training, treats the members of the tribe medically, and has planted a church among them. A simple life in a very remote part of the world, the Hurtados work daily to see the gospel grow and take root in the hearts and lives of the Chityui tribe.

Ann Hinrichs Talks Missions – FT4F0038

Ann Hinrichs, a friend from the ACCI team joins us to talk about short term missions, her calling, going full time in the missions effort, and perseverance. Also, she has written a book, Just One, which highlights the value of relationship in the context of short term missions. Join us and get a behind the scenes glance at where she has come from and where she is going.

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Her Book – Just One: A True Story of Unlikely Friendship and Short-Term Missions
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