Tribal Work in Central Mexico – FT4F0039

Luis and Karla Hurtado sit down with us from location in Central Mexico to talk about the work among a native tribe in the Mexican State of San Luis Potosí, which is located in the center in Mexico. Luis, a Doctor by training, treats the members of the tribe medically, and has planted a church among them. A simple life in a very remote part of the world, the Hurtados work daily to see the gospel grow and take root in the hearts and lives of the Chityui tribe.

Ann Hinrichs Talks Missions – FT4F0038

Ann Hinrichs, a friend from the ACCI team joins us to talk about short term missions, her calling, going full time in the missions effort, and perseverance. Also, she has written a book, Just One, which highlights the value of relationship in the context of short term missions. Join us and get a behind the scenes glance at where she has come from and where she is going.

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Her Book – Just One: A True Story of Unlikely Friendship and Short-Term Missions
by Services LLC
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From Obscurity to Usefulness in God’s Kingdom – FT4F0037

Jeanne Hedrick (wife of Tony, a good friend!, and an incredible cook) joins us to talk growing up Christian, rural upbringing, and the journey from obscurity to usefulness in the Kingdom. A powerful visitation of God’s grace in Canada brought them back from waywardness in their early 30s.

The story of discipleship, church planting, pastoring, and the journey of the last 20+ years into missions is unfolded eloquently by Jeanne.

Join her to be encouraged by her depth and faithfulness. Reach out to Jeanne at, and when you do, ask to have your email added to her monthly devotional. Rich stuff!

Tanzania, East Africa – FT4F0036

Mike and Stacy Collins join us from Tanzania as a follow up to FT4F Episode 19.

What is it like to sell it all and go abroad for the gospel? Find out from those who have done it, not just those who are talking about it.

If you haven’t heard episode 19, this episode goes well as a duo! Check them both out!

Women Who Gather – FT4F0035

Elizabeth Braswell, a strong and influential friend, joins us from the mountains of North Carolina to talk women in leadership, Women Who Gather, White Buck Farm, Kenya and the last ten years of all things Braswell.

Find out more and connect with Elizabeth on or, on Facebook, at You will be glad you did.

Marcos Hernández with Ita Hernández (translating) English / Español – FT4F0034

We’ve been working with Marcos for a dozen years or so, but he’s been doing mission work most of his life, in then mountains of Southern Mexico. Join us as we dig into his story. Persecution, challenges, attacks for the sake of faith, and encounters with God! You’ll be encouraged and motivated.

Contact for Marcos

Contact for Ita

Medical Missions in Peru with Brittney Ryan – FT4F0033

Have you been to Peru? Would you like to go? What about giving humanitarian aid, and medical care, to people who might not have a chance to get it otherwise?

A friend and former student joins us to report on a “fairly recent” trip to the rural mountainous regions of Peru. Hear the call, my friends, from the far reaches of the world!

Email Brittney at to find out more or get involved.

Exit Interview from Friend on Mission in South Africa – FT4F0032

Round Two with Kirkpatricks, two years later, with some of their takeaways from the time in mission in South Africa. Find out what has been most meaningful while in Durban, South Africa and their varied work in the southern part of Africa. Also, we get a quick look at what is next. Listen in, and pray for these guys, as they are headed next to “hard ground”, where many missionaries have been sunk. And pray for their transition! Many thanks.

Find out more about the Kirkpatrick’s work here:

Pat’s Journey Into Christ – Part 2 – FT4F0031

Caleb Lorensen, a close friend and coworker, and his friend and co-worker Pat join us and talk about how Pat met Jesus, returned to Thailand, and got busy making a difference. Fascinating, but totally relatable story, that will inspire you. Reach out to Caleb and Pat to find out more about their mission and Thailand.

Reach Pat @ or Caleb and Tracy Lorensen via @thelorensens on Instagram, or

Take the Soulcon Challenge – FT4F0030

John Clark, CEO of SoulCon, a men’s ministry that is getting a good bit of traction in our times. He draws from his background in the Marine Corps, Law Enforcement, and Business Management to help lead this men’s ministry.

You will be encouraged as you check out their “Soulcon Challenge”, something you can do to engage more deeply with your faith as a man.

Their app is available for your smartphone and website at will equip you with tools to overcome the traps that snare so many men.

Check out this promo to see if it’s a fit for you:

Reach out to John to find out more at or via the SoulCon App.

Get your copy of SoulCon Challenge Book at